On-site search engine optimisation fan

I am Chris Jones and my main activity is controlling and developing the website CrazyDavePromo.com in a way that allows Google to recognise that the visitors love it.

I have a few clients where I give occasional advice on the search engine performance of their website and I manage Google Adwords accounts for one of two businesses.

Most importantly I am thinking of making an ecommerce website where I can collaborate with an existing business to make it successfully sell online.

It is a satisfying paradox that since I am busy with the Crazy Dave website I have no interest in my own website being found on search engines. Strange but true.

My background

Originally an electronics engineer I spent many years in database application programming as a consultant analyst programmer in telecoms, banking and commercial business. Now I concentrate on one database called Google Search and I enjoy seeing my affect on its data.

Are you the one to collaborate?

Do you have an ecommerce website that is not good enough? After my successful collaboration with the branded USB company I am looking to collaborate with a business that has the ability to ship goods to consumers, provides a good service and customer support just like a normal real business would.

If you think you could flourish but your website is holding you back please read my page on web business collaborations.

I’m no web designer

I look at web design as being made up of two main elements: visual design and functional design.

A lot of techies who call themselves web designers actually lack visual design skills and the result is visually unappealing and that leads to poor user engagement which Google picks up on.

Talented visual designers can produce beautiful websites that are inherently poor at giving Google the information it needs.

I’m no good at visual design (but of course I know what I like!) but I know a thing or two about functional design. That is the technical aspect and some of the “psychological” stuff that makes visitors stick around and send the right signals to Google.

Other business activities

I have a rural property in Portugal’s Alentejo for sale in the beautiful hills of the Parque Natural de Serra da Sao Mamede in the North Alentejo region. This is about half way up the right hand side of Portugal near the border with Spain.

The main attractions are the villages of Marvao, Castelo de Vide and the town of Portalegre. The region is festooned with waymarked countryside walks over hills and valleys of vines and olive trees.

Other interests

I am beginning a introduction to diabetes which is a guide in plain English at DiabetesFirsthand.com – being fairly well qualified from a user perspective. Trust me I’m a patient.


I love to experiment and that is why you see the strange phrase hatstand aardvark biscuit-barrel appearing here. It is an entry into an informal competition to see who can rank top on Google for that precise combination of words.

The last time I looked the originator ranked second and his website has a Google Page Rank of 2.

Christopherjones.biz ranks third with no Page Rank whatsoever since nobody links to me (but that’s ok!). That shows that even with zero reputation from links your on-site efforts can help you rank highly. That is called on-site SEO. When I get a moment I’ll try something new to see if I can topple the originator.

Ranking first is my branded USB website, naturally.