A Web Business Collaboration

I collaborate with Crazy Dave Promo and together we prosper. How about you? I am looking to repeat my success with one more business.

Do you have an ecommerce website that under-performs mainly because it ranks poorly on Google? I have a number of questions which can help identify whether we should, or should not, talk about collaborating so that we both prosper by increasing your sales.

I am definitely not suggesting an SEO review of your website. I’m talking about something radical where we each have a huge and continual motivation to make a business collaboration succeed.

  • Do you have an existing business that sells products to the public where you hold stock, fullfill orders, respond to queries and provide customer support? A bricks and mortar kind of business with an online presence?
  • Do you sell online but find you rank highly on Google for only a few products?
  • Do you sell anything that Amazon does not sell?
  • Have you tried Amazon’s market place but found their percentage reduced your margin too much?
  • Are your margins good? Note that when starting out it is very easy to overestimate your prospective margins. If your product is new then margins could be good to begin with but competitors soon erode it.
  • Would a moderate increase in turnover of goods allow you to improve your margins but buying stock in larger quantities? Would an increase in sales allow you to buy better?

Even if Amazon sells the same products as you there is still mileage in talking about our options. If your margins are tiny then I don’t think this will work.

My collaboration with Crazy Dave’s promotional products business works very well. It will work for many other businesses, possibly yours. If you think so too, then please get in touch for more details of my strategy.

My email address is at the bottom of the page. Please drop me a line.